One night during happy hour, we decided that we weren’t just drinking, we were engaging in booze therapy. Thus, the idea of Booze Therapy as a blog was born. But not really fleshed out. Nor will it ever be, probably. So just read it already, because it’s about nothing, and you like that.

There are occasionally going to be beverage reviews. Here’s your handy guide to what the ratings mean:

On the deliciousness scale:

(no stars) — I wouldn’t even drink this if I were drunk already
* — probably some strong overtones of gasoline or paint thinner
** — drinkable
*** — a respectable beverage
**** — so gret, would drink again
***** — orgasm in beverage form

On the social anxiety soothing scale:

(no stars) — might as well not be drinking
* — at least I had something to hold
** — might make me a little less neurotic
*** — that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout
**** — fuel for the love machine
***** — “WHOO! I am DEFINITELY not afraid of the fucking POLICE right now!”


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