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Sweet Baby Jesus (it’s a beer)

13 Jan

I believe I said, “They made this beer, they tasted it, then they named it because they were like ‘SWEET BABY JESUS, this tastes good.'”

I do my best drinking when I’m playing a rock show, it seems. DCers, if you find yourselves at the Rock & Roll Hotel in NE DC anytime soon, you HAVE to pick up a bottle of Sweet Baby Jesus, a “chocolate peanut butter porter” (I am not making this up). It’s $6. If you happen to be playing there, it’s covered by your drink tickets. If you happened to see me playing there last Friday night, you probably heard my interstitial rave about this beer while the guitarist was spending three minutes tuning. I may or may not have audio proof of this to post in the coming days.

It’s well-reviewed on Beer Advocate, even. How often do you get that? Those guys are total dicks.

DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter
Deliciousness: *****
Social Anxiety Soothing: ** (You can probably only have one or two of these at a time)
Table Dancing Probability: 10% (More of a relaxing hangout beer than a wildly raucous one)


2014 Comes To Those Who Wait

2 Jan

bubblesHappy New Year! If you’re one of the few people who is actually reading this blog, THANK YOU. If you’re the person who has asked us how to buy wine without going broke, JUST WAIT ONE MORE WEEK OR SO. We will have something for you. We will have something just as good as the Louise d’Estree Brut NV, which I used to make the cocktails in the picture. I also drank some of it by itself, and have I got some news for you! It tastes nice! The bubbles are small and plentiful, and what little sweetness it has is fruity and a little acidic. Asti it ain’t. For $8 at Trader Joe’s, it was a very pleasant and very affordable way to ring in 2014.┬áTo thank you for your patience, here’s a champagne cocktail recipe that can also be made in a very tasty low-alcohol version with sparkling cider instead of sparkling wine.

Traditional champagne cocktails call for dropping a bitters-soaked sugar cube in the bottom of the glass, adding a bit of cognac, and topping with champagne. Cognac is fun for me when I fly Air France, but otherwise, it’s not my thing. Here’s the recipe; I hope you’ve had a recent refresher on logic operators:

Champagne flute
sparkling wine or sparkling apple cider
generous dash of vanilla cordial or cake-flavored vodka
Angostura bitters
orange peel
(IFF you are using cake vodka) a sugar cube

In the bottom of the flute, put either a generous dash of vanilla cordial and a couple of drops of bitters, OR a sugar cube with a couple of drops of bitters on it and a generous dash of cake vodka.
Then, top with champagne or sparkling cider.
Then add an orange twist. I should probably make a tutorial for this, as I had no idea what this was all about until recently. For now, just know that you twist the piece of orange peel over the glass, and then you drop it in.

Then you drink! Here’s the lowdown on the bubbly:

Louise d’Estree Brut NV
Deliciousness: *** (great for cocktails)
Social Anxiety Soothing: **
Table Dancing Probability: 45% (Sparkling wine is always a celebratory affair.)

Trader Joe’s, $8