I swear this blog actually has two authors

30 Aug

…but you wouldn’t know it based on my inactivity, now would you?

Boozers and boozybabes, I’ve finally come out of the woodwork, and I’m here this afternoon to talk to you about Ace Pear Cider. Stop it, I can already see that look on your face. This ain’t no Woodchuck. Yes, it’s sweet, not like one of those French “cidres” I had the pleasure of enjoying a few weeks ago, which I also recommend.

Ace Pear Cider Tap

Useta be like this...

Anyway, Ace Pear Cider. It is a beverage. It is alcoholic (barely, I think). And it is available at Galaxy Hut in Arlington, although only in bottles. See, I started going to Galaxy Hut when I was 19, and I would have to drink brand X ginger ale or root beer from a can. But once I turned 21, I was delighted to discover they had Ace Pear Cider on tap. I’d already crossed the threshold into liking the taste of [most] beer, but I liked the taste of this better. Then I went several years without having it at all, as they’d gotten rid of it at the Hut, and I wasn’t spending as much time at the Hut, and then one night I came back to the Hut, and they had it in bottles. Then I forgot this, came back to the Hut last night, and relearned it.

It tastes like pear juice. You know you love it. And it’s a great accompaniment to jaunty indie rock. Therefore, I would recommend going to the Hut on a Sunday or Monday night, listening to some jaunty indie rock, and drinking some of this. Or anything you want, really. They also have a lot of great selections on tap, including a crazy 11% alcohol bourbon stout that I made the mistake of ordering a pitcher of one of the last times I was there. I couldn’t drink more than 4 oz. of the stuff. And that is why I drink ACE PEAR CIDER, friends.


Ace Pear Cider Bottle

Now it's like that.

Deliciousness: ****
Social Anxiety Soothing: * (well, it depends on how many you’ve had… probably need at least 4 to achieve *** status)
Table Dancing Probability: 0% (because there’s no room, or reason, to dance on the tables at Galaxy Hut)

(for that is how it is written on the sign!)
2711 Wilson Blvd.

Enjoy your Ace Pear Cider with some original artwork by Ben Claassen hanging on the walls:

And perhaps some music provided by Greenland:



2 Responses to “I swear this blog actually has two authors”

  1. prawojazdy August 30, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    it sounds almost like you’re pitching this to all those guys and gals back in the early 20th century:

    “The boys on the front have it hard enough—why not give them the gift of an ACE BRAND CIDER for their R&R? And once we beat the Hun, we’ll get right back to making delicious ACE BRAND CIDER for you here at home! Buy war bonds!”

  2. Melanie Papasian August 31, 2011 at 4:48 pm #

    *dramatic organ music* … “And now, back to your regularly scheduled radio programming!”

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