Bloody Mary is the girl I love…

30 Aug

Dang hipster camera makes it look like a Hawaiian (South Pacific?) punch...okay, I'll stop now.

I just got back from my summer vacation. While I would love to lay out on a beach for a week or two, all I could swing was a long weekend in Vegas with my husband’s fantasy football league (I know, I’ll call the waaahmbulance!). I’m not really into football, fantasy or otherwise, so my vacation was heavy on the draughts, light on the draft, if you know what I mean. I also spent a lot of time at the spa and by the pool. 

Pictured at right is a delicious bloody mary that was obtained from the pool bar at the Palazzo hotel. In the background, you can see my attempt to stave off skin cancer (stay safe out there, people).

There are many things to love about bloody marys. To name a few, a bloody mary is:

  • savory–a break from the typical sweet cocktail
  • versatile–a classic daytime drink that can be consumed at any time
  • fun–experiments(!)…you can put LOTS of things in there, and it will still be delicious

The one in the photo was tomato juice, vodka, just a touch of horseradish and olive juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and black pepper, and it was garnished with a celery stick, a lemon wedge, and a green olive.

When I make them at home, I usually use a combination of ingredients that my fellow blog author introduced to me when we had brunch at her house last winter: Hot and Spicy V8 (I use the low-sodium variety), vodka, prepared horseradish, clam juice, Worcestershire sauce, and a little lime juice (my addition), and I garnish with the lime wedge and a celery stick. The prepared horseradish makes it a little creamier, and I love lime in a bloody mary. I may try some olive juice and an olive in there the next time I make it, though.

You can really put anything you want in this drink, as long as it’s hot, salty, sour, vegetal, or briny. When the pool people came around with cucumber slices, I ate a couple and threw the rest right into my drink. My roommate in grad school used to put a pickle spear (and a little of the pickle juice) in hers. I’ve even heard of people putting in bacon or other varieties of cured meats. If you have a favorite non-sweet snack, you can try putting it into a bloody mary. (I’m guessing you’ll want to avoid putting in things like Cheetos…but the prohibition is really only because they would disintegrate and the texture would be gross. I’m sure it would still taste fine.)   

The best thing about a bloody mary, which I alluded to above, is that it’s a drink with a snack. Maybe a lot of snacks, if that’s how you like to make it. And that’s how I spent my summer vacation.


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