Spicy Cucumber Margarita, Casa Oaxaca

10 Aug

This is actually a photo of a Casa Oaxaca mojito, from the Internet. Imagine this with cucumber and serrano slices in it. Next time I'll take my own photo.

If you had a friend who (fairly suddenly) moved to Paris for work more than a year ago, and that friend e-mailed you in the morning and said, “I’m just going to be in town tonight…let’s get a group together to go out to dinner,” would you do what was necessary to re-arrange your plans so you could go to that dinner with that friend? I did.

Living in Paris, my friend has access to as much stunning French food as he could possibly want. He can take an easy bus ride to the restaurant that serves the absolute best thing I have ever eaten in my life (foie gras crème brûlée with honey crostini). What he cannot get in Paris, however, is Mexican food. So we went to Casa Oaxaca.

There was a lovely selection of specialty cocktails, housemade cheladas and micheladas, and calimucho (wine and Coke), in addition to traditional and flavored margaritas and mojitos. However, the restaurant happened to be out of mezcal, which cut the specialty cocktail menu in half while putting the kibosh on my dinner order of Camarones al Mezcal.

I ended up having the shrimp and goat cheese enchiladas instead. To accompany them, I had a Spicy Cucumber Margarita ($10). I couldn’t help but order it after reading the ingredients: Tequila Sauza Silver/lemon juice/agave nectar/serranos/mint/cucumber. It was served with a lime wedge, which I added to the mix after the first taste. This drink is flat-out delicious. It’s smooth and sweet, with a lot of nice green cucumber flavor and only a hint of herbaceous flavor from the mint leaves (which is good, because I actually don’t really enjoy the taste of mint in beverages). You get the serrano flavor on the back end, with a nice, slow burn. I think I’m going to go ahead and give it the top rating for deliciousness right now.

The only drawback to this drink was its surprising lack of punch. I had two, and could very easily have had two more before feeling more than a little tipsy. I didn’t have the opportunity to say much, though, other than to catch up with my friend a little. The group was made up of very smart people who like sharing their knowledge (and a law firm summer who maybe wanted to impress us). I learned that I should probably try to get invited to les vendanges, that the acidity in fruit on a vine/tree changes as the ambient temperature does, and that the flavor of guanabana is like its own tropical fruit medley. In sum, this drink was delicious, but it was not about to give shy persons the courage to drop knowledge on that encyclopedia of trivia.      

Deliciousness: *****
Social Anxiety Soothing: **
Table Dancing Probability: 13% (speculative, based on my desire to drink more of them)

Casa Oaxaca
2106 18th Street NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20009


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